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Sue Mono – wig

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A Classic and Always Elegant Bob Haircut

The classic Bob haircut which sets precisely over the chin. A modern but yet timeless feminine cut, where the fringe has been cut broken to lighten the look, but the side lines have been left intact. The nape is an evenly long line. 10 beautiful, lively shades from blond to dark black.

  • Monofilament part-wefted– Hand-wefted base material makes the cap natural and imitates the look of real hair growth from the scalp.
  • Synthetic hair –easy-to-use, already styled hair material which looks and feels like real hair.

All of the synthetic hair used in our wig models looks like real hair. Quality synthetic hair makes the wig light and easy to use.

 Synthetic hair wigs are pre-styled and ready-to-use when taken out of the box.

 Delivery time is approximately 1-2 days.

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