PurePower Emotion Real Hair Wig

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Natural lightness

Emotion is an over-the-shoulder length and lightly layered real hair wig. 100% hand-weft cap is truly comfortable to use and makes this style light and natural. The base size fits a head circumference of 54-57cm the best.

Emotion is one of our most popular real hair wigs. From the light shades you will find natural options including more ashy Scandinavian shades.

  • 100% real European hair (remihair), which stays natural and in good shape during wear
  • The hair quality fits well together with thinner hair
  • Thoroughly hand-weftthin cap construction
  • Lace front,which makes it possible to brush the hair in its natural way

Emotion is 100% hand-weft, with a lace front and a monofilament cap. These characteristics give the wig its extremely natural comfort and look.

The wig fits a head circumference of 54-57cm the best. The high-quality, soft and naturally shiny and easy-to-care 100% Remy hair is of the highest quality. Emotion is a part of the Pure Power collection.

For all real hair wigs, we offer a 15-20-minute (without charge) guidance meeting, on distance, to discuss the care and use of the wig.