Nextension Quick Tape 45cm Color #613 Vanilla Sugar

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Extra Light Tape-In Extension with a Ready Part 45cm

Nextension ® PREMIUM 100% REMY HAIR

The package contains: 20 pieces of 4cm already taped (weight 40g) parts

The attachment and making of the extensions could not be easier, everything is already done for you, and you just have to attach the product! With one package you will get readily with volume or part-extension, where you must add 10 pairs. As for length, 45cm is perfect for a natural look and for longer hair adds the perfect amount of volume. If you want full coverage, we recommend purchasing buying double packaging

Tip: Do you want more liveliness to the color? Use two different shades, you can use them in the same part.

A neutral extra light, which is our selection’s lightest. The color #613 is balanced which means that it does not necessarily lean to a grey shade but not to a warmer shade either.