Nextension Tape-In Extension 35cm 100% Remy-Hair Color #14

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Tape-In Extension Light Toffee / Virgin Remy-Hair


The package is meant for full-coverage (5 pieces of 30cm strips) and also contains 2.5m of tape.

The attachment part is really thin and thus also really comfortable to use. From the 30cm part you can cut the perfect strip for you. We recommend attaching about 3-4cm parts. If you make extensions from 4cm parts you will get 20 pairs and if you make 3cm parts you will get 25cm pairs. The amount is meant for full coverage.

  • The 35cm is available in 6 different colors
  • The net weight is 60g
  • The band length is 30cm

The whole package also contains 2.5m of tape.

Order Nextension tape-in extensions already today and we guarantee fast delivery!

For the best and most natural result we recommend that a professional attach the extension.