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Takes Your Look to the Next Level

Next brakes the prejudices of thick furry caps and takes the wig style to the famous next level. Next is a shorter style that is beautiful and easily styled and does not leave anyone cold.

The longer side fringe and crown length makes you feel feminine with this modern and trendy synthetic hair wig. The premium-level synthetic hair gives Next its naturality; the hair feels, looks and moves like biological hair. The crown also has a small, oval-shaped swirl, which imitates natural hair growth from the scalp. A perfectly cut nape and fringe that bends behind the ear takes you style to the next level.

  • Easy-to-use and a light synthetic wig
  • Monofilament swirl
  • Hand-weft cap construction

The ‘Shaded’ colors are a bit darker compared to the hair’s base which gives the wig a natural look. All of the synthetic hair used in our wig models looks like real hair. The quality of the synthetic hair makes the wig light and natural to use.

Synthetic hair wigs are already styled and thus ready-to-use right away.

Delivery time is approximately 1-2 days.

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