Treatment Kit for Synthetic Hair

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Intensive Care for Synthetic Hair

This kit contains all you need to take care of synthetic hair. Regular treatment with the right products makes the product last longer, stay beautiful and natural.

The shampoo

The shampoo cleans wigs and extensions of synthetic hair gently and effectively. We recommend cleaning your product made of synthetic hair at least once a week. A clean and good-looking product looks natural and lasts longer. Package size 250ml. 

The conditioner

This conditioner removes static electricity and repairs the surface of the damaged fiber. Recommended to be used together with Arcos synthetic hair -shampoo. Package size 250ml.

Conditioner-treatment spray

The conditioner spray has been created especially for wig hair. The spray fixes effectively the pore’s and damaged hair’s texture. This silkrepairment makes your hair easy-to-brush and keeps the hair lively—even extends its use-time! We recommend this especially for long hair, for example, long wigs and extensions. Fits well together with real hair and synthetic hair. The package size is a plentiful 200ml.

Wig brush

A three-row wig brush with which you will easily untangle your hair and style it. The plastic tips on the end of the brush protect the fiber skin from breaking.