Hair Power Blues

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A Precise and Wonderful Bob-Style

This Bob-cut is the perfect brisk style from the Ellen Wille collection. The airy fringe sets nicely on the eyebrows and due to its light weight gives a natural look. A good and secure fit is guaranteed by the precisely cut layers and nape. The Blues-style has a monofilament hand-wefted swirl area. You can style the Blues-wig to fit your preferences, even right after opening the box! Blues is designed to celebrate Ellen Wille’s 50th year as a designer and the wig is a part of the Hair Power collection!

  • Breathable base material –light base material is made from thin strings which allows for enough looseness and breathability yet keeping it comfortable.
  • Monofilament swirl
  • Synthetic hair – easy-to-use, already styled material gives the look and feel of real hair scalp.

The Rooted colors are a bit darker in the base to give a natural impression. All of the synthetic hair used in our wig models looks like real hair. Quality synthetic hair makes the wig light and easy to use.

Synthetic hair wigs are pre-styled and ready-to-use when taken out of the box.