Commitment Large – Wig

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Flexible Volume

Have you always had a luscious and flattering cut? Commitment is short but a luscious wig, which thoroughly layered and flexible hair makes a beautiful style. From our wide shade selection, you may choose your favorite: everything from a luxurious grey to wonderful copper!

N.B.! Commitment has a larger base size and fits a head circumference of 57-60cm the best.

 The Personal Fit Cap is made from flexible materials to allow the most comfortable wear. The Gabor collection’s Flexlite hair fiber looks like real hair, moves naturally and fits together with thinner hair as well.

What qualities the wig will have once you start using it:

  • Hair material made from Flexlite Fiber to give the imitation of natural hair
  • Personal Fit Cap to fit into every head shape
  • Smooth edge material