Cicamed Procapil™ Treatment Kit

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Procapil™ Treatment Set for Hair Loss

Includes Cicamed Shampoo 3% 300mland Cicamed Conditioner 300ml

Cicamed Hair Loss Treatment is the first step towards stronger and healthier hair. The series is been made with gentle ingredients that treat the hair and the scalp. The working ingredients create an optimal growth environment for the hair, where they can grow strong.

Cicamed Shampoo 3% 300ml

The Shampoo 3% is made from the patented vitamin-peptide complex Procapil™ which has been clinically tested and noticed to significantly improve hair-quality.

Massage into wet hair and the whole scalp. Rinse after five minutes.

Suits all hair types.

Cicamed Conditioner 300ml

Cicamed Conditioner is a thoroughly made with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients to protect the hair and maintain a balanced hair growth.

Spread into the hair. For the best result wait three minutes before rinsing.

Suits all hair types.

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