Christine Headwear Face Mask x3

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An effective and elegant face mask

The Christine Headwear CE – certified face mask has a 4-layered breathable textile structure. The face mask is reusable and can take up to 30 washes!

  • First layer is water-proof polyester.
  • Second and third layer is a double-layered fiber fabric that is treated with an impregnated silver ion – technique. Sciessent company has been using this technique for years and it has been proven effective at preventing bacteria from passing through the fabric.
  • The inner layer is soft cotton.

How to use the mask:

We recommend washing the mask before use.

Always handle the mask with clean hands. Place the mask on your face so that it covers both your mouth and nose. The small logo should be placed on the left side.

Wash your hands before removing the mask from your face. Remove the mask by only touching the elastic bands behind your ears. Was the mask immediately after use. After removing the mask wash your hands carefully. The face mask is personal, everyone should have their own mask.

Use the mask at most for 3 hours. If you need to use the mask longer, try to keep 30-minute breaks in between. If you have trouble breathing remove the mask immediately from the face.

Wash the mask in a washing bag in 40 degrees. You can wash it up to 30 times!

The effect of the mask decreases after 3 months compared to the first use.