Arcos Shampoo for Real Hair Wigs

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Arcos Shampoo for Real Hair Wigs

A shampoo for wigs made from real hair, that cleans and gives moisture. Real hair wigs require remarkably more moisturizing and caring products than normal hair.

The new texture of the conditioner spreads easily and remarkably faster throughout the hair. The hair must be dried with a towel and brushed with the conditioner, like before, but only washed gently.

Also, familiarize with the intensive care, which works like the care-mask Repair Crème >

After shampooing dry the wig carefully with a towel, to guarantee that the hair is not full of water and that the conditioner gets soaked up. Spread the conditioner evenly and do not forget the neck hair. Brush the hair carefully and let the conditioner sit for a few minutes. The current texture is more liquid so you can leave it in without washing. Especially really light hair needs a high moisturizing conditioner and the right washing technique! The Special conditioner gives the wig a naturally healthy look.