Terms of Delivery

We delivery through Posti and Matkahuolto and delivery time is on usually 1-3 working days. We primarily ship within two working days, and orders made during the weekend will be shipped on Monday-Tuesday. We aim to deliver the product to our customers within 1-2 working days.

We ship the products in the name Hiusextra Heinilä Verkkokauppa Oy. If you need a different shipping name (M. Heinilä), please contact our customer service verkkokauppa@hiusextra.fi or address it in the “additional information” -section when making the purchase.

When the purchase has been made a confirmation email should be received immediately. If you have not received a confirmation email to the given email, we have not received your order, and we encourage you to contact our customer service. When we have processed your order, you will get an email on more precise delivery times.

Purchase validity

Contract of sale becomes valid, when the customer has accepted the terms of sale and approved the order when making the purchase. The seller has the right to dismiss the customer’s purchase on the basis of weak credit validity or other heavily weighted reason.


The current price includes value-added-tax (VAT), which can be seen from the web shop when making the order. The difference can be seen in the order confirmation. All prices are informed without commitment and pidennykset.net acclaims the right to price changes and the right to undo the sale due to mistakes in prices.

Delivery options and prices

Delivery options are Matkahuolto and Posti

Delivery happens every working-day at 15:00. With urgent deliveries contact us by phone, so that we can process the order individually.

Posti package-automaton

  • Order will be delivered to the chosen package-automaton
  • Delivery is 1 working day from the day shipped

Mail 1. Priority

  • Delivery within 2 working-days

Matkahuolto Close-package / Posti package / Package automaton

  • Delivery to the chosen delivery address by the next working-day from shipping

Posti “To the door” -package

  • Will be delivered to the given home address by the next working day at 14:00 from the day shipped
  • 2 – 30kg / 10 – 17€
  • For orders over 150€ delivery is free

Pick-up from our store Mon-Fri between 9:00 and 17:00

  • Kasarmikatu 6 Helsinki 00140
  • No shipping expenses

Payment methods

With the Checkout Finland – service you will be able to make orders on the web easily, flexibly and safely.

Checkout Finland is one of Finland’s leading payment trade. We guarantee a safe payment transaction. When making an order on our website, which uses this transaction method, you know that your money is transferring safely, and your private information stays in a safe place. We will help you with possible problem situations. Contact our customer service, p. 0800 552 010 (0,00 €/min+ppm) or asiakaspalvelu@checkout.fi Mon–Sun 6-23, except for on Holiday’s.

Trustworthy and close

In your hands is all of the Finnish bank’s purchase buttons. Depending on the merchant you are able to pay with the most common credit cards as well. We ship with the approval of the Financial Supervision Authority and on the grounds of the Act on Payment Institution’s law on transitional provision. If you have any questions, contact us.


Pidennykset.net follows the laws of consumer protection and the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority’s web shop guide. If the product does not fulfill your expectations, you have the right to change/return the product within 14 days from receiving it. The returned product must be unused, in the original shape and vendible. If the returned product is not vendible, we refund 50%. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we refund the order, or you can exchange it for another. If the product has been ordered to the door or as Express mail we do not refund additional delivery fees.

N.B.! Do not open hair or seal bundles. If opened, we consider them used! You can check the color without opening it. Opened treatment products are also considered used and are not refundable.

  • Returns are meant to be send through the Finnish postal service or Matkahuolto
  • Posti’s return identifier is 626359
  • Look at more precise guidance
  • Matkahuolto’s return identifier 9525928
  • Remember to save the receipt in case the order gets lost.
  • In order for refunds to happen, we need your account number. Add your receipt to the return package or you can send us the needed information by email.

Products that have been damaged during delivery

In rare cases your order product might get damaged during delivery. If this happens, immediately contact the postal office and file a ‘declaration of damage’. After this, contact our customer service.

Consumer complaint

The following terms apply:

  • Contact us without hesitation if you notice a possible manufacturing flaw
  • With hair extensions only SHE Fashion Tape / SHE Argan products are allowed to use
  • Coloring, bleaching or the use of any other chemicals on the hair is not allowed
  • The care-instructions are adviced to follow

We are not in account of the attachment of the products. Contact your hair-dressed if you have any concerns.

This is how you file a complaint:

  • Send us all the products you want to file a complaint on
  • Attach the complaint-form and a copy of the order-receipt


If the consumer receives the wrong product, the wrong number of products or the product has been damaged the consumer must contact us within a reasonable time’s notice either with the file for complaint, email or phone. Complaints regarding products will be processed written, which can be delivered either by email or mail. Primarily use email if there are any troubles with filing a complaint. Force majeure.

Pidennykset.net does not hold account for cases where delivery delays due to reasons beyond our control – e.g., in the time of war, trade restrictions, natural convulsions, due to decisions made by the authorities, disruptions in traffic or similar scenarios.

Conflict solving

When conflict arises, we refer to the Finnish law.

Contact information

Hiusextra Heinilä Verkkokauppa Oy
Business ID 07184403-3
Visiting address:
Kasarmikatu 6 (inner court)
phone: 09-612 6290
email: verkkokauppa@hiusextra.fi