Data Protection Clause

What information are we collecting?

  • When placing an order on our website, as a part of the process we collect your name, phone number, address and email-address.
  • When scrolling on our web shop, we automatically get the information of your IP-address, the web browser you are using and the operating system of the device you are using.
  • Email-marketing: If you accepted it, we might send you emails regarding our web shop and new products.
  • You can whenever remove yourself from the mailing list. This can be done through the emails we send you are by contacting our customer service.
  • Like many other web shops, we also use “cookies”. They improve your experience when scrolling through our web ship and collect information on the number of visitors. Please, familiarize yourself more with the use of cookies later in this clause.

How are we given the permission to collect data from you?

  • When giving your personal information when placing an order (e.g., confirming credit card) we assume that you accept the fact that we collect your personal information.
  • If we need your personal information to something else than to the above mentioned, like marketing, we will ask you directly or give you the opportunity to decline the act.

 How can you decline us from using your personal information?

  • When you have given us the permission to use your information, or have accepted to join our emailing list, you are allowed to change your mind. You can cancel your approval through contacting us at or sending mail to our address:

          Hiusextra Heinilä Verkkokauppa Oy
          PL 120
          00140 Helsinki

  • We can hand over your information if the law requires it, or in the case of you violating our data protection clause.

Where do we store the information you give?

  • The platform for our web shop is Shopify Inc. Shopify offers us the platform, where we sell our products and services.
  • The customer information we collect is stored in Shopify’s information system, database and to the Shopify-web shop platform’s storage. Your information is safe behind a firewall. You can find more information here.

How do we secure the information of our web shop’s visitors?

  • To protect your personal information, we use reasonable methods and follow principles that your information is not wrongly used, that no one is getting access to them who should not have access to them, that the information is destroyed or changed.
  • If you give us your credit card information, the information flow is secured through SSL-protocols. We follow PCI-DSS-requirements and use other standards accepted in the business.

 Do we use cookies?

  • Cookies are small data units, which are transferred to a storage through your web browser (if you have chosen this function). Cookies allow the site to recognize the visitor’s web browser and collect certain type of information. Cookies recognize and remember, for example, which products you have put in your cart.
  • In addition, cookies allow us to understand your target of interest looking at your previous visits. Through this we can give you better service. We also use cookies to get better and more precise information of our web site’s traffic and transactions. By doing this we can guarantee a better experience in the future.
  • We use the information received through cookies to improve marketing.
  • Read more from here.

Third-party services and links

  • In normal cases, third-party services collect, use and show customer information only in situations where it is needed. This allows them to provide the best type of service.
  • Despite this, some third-party services use their own data protection laws. To make the transaction happen we have to provide them with the necessary information. For this information applies their data protection law.
  • We recommend you familiarize with the payment transaction you use and what type of data they collect.
  • Do notice, that some of the service providers lay follow different laws than our website. If you decide to use third-party services that use different laws than we do, your information might be used in another way.
  • When leaving our web shop to access a third-party service’s web site or app, you are no longer bound to our data protection clause.

Changes to our data protection clause

  • We reserve the right to change this data protection clause at any time, so please, check regularly if there have been any changes made. When changes are made to the clause, they are put into action immediately. If there are any significant changes, we will report them on our website.
  • If our web shop merges with another company or the owner changes, your personal information might be transferred to the new owner, so that our webshop can continue selling you products.
  • This data protection clause has been modified the latest 16th of April 2018.

Questions and Feedback

  • If there is a need to: access, correct or remove information our web shop has collected from you, please contact us by mail or email:

    Hiusextra Heinilä Verkkokauppa Oy PL 120 00131 Helsinki