Matkahuolto verkkokauppatilaukset


Choosing your pick-up point

With Matkahuolto’s map-based service-point search you are able to choose the closes pick-up point.

Fast delivery times

Matkahuolto delivers your package even during the same day or the following.

Comprehensive network

Matkahuolto’s service-point network is the nation’s most comprehensive. It includes 1,200 service-points around Finland.

Reality-time tracking

You are able to track via Matkahuolto the package you have sent on the internet with the identification code.

Reality-time arrival notice

You will be notified via text message or email immediately when the package is ready for pick-up. Due to this function you are able to pick-up your Matkahuolto package fast.

Extensive opening hours

You can pick-up your package when it suits you the best. As service-points, K-Market and R-Kioski will serve you from morning to evening seven days a week.

Safe delivery

Ordering via Matkahuolto is highly safe. With careful handling and precise tracking damage during delivery rarely happens. We ensure that the package is delivered to the right person by checking the receiver’s identification always before handing over the package.