Terms of Use

1. General

1.1. These terms of use comprise terms concerning the use of Hiusextra Heinilä web shop LLC online services in addition to terms concerning order placement and delivery. When registering or making a purchase the customer agrees to the terms and commits to fulfilling them. The service provides clear statements and directives.

1.2. Contact information of the service provider: Hiusextra Heinilä Verkkokauppa Oy, Kasarmikatu 6, 00140 HELSINKI. Business ID 2550539-8. Customer service at given address or email: verkkokauppa@hiusextra.fi

1.3. All content belongs to the service provider. The service provider acclaims the right to change these terms of use. The customer agrees on these changes when using the service. The valid terms of use are to be seen on the service providers home page.

1.4. The service provider is not responsible of information on the product suppliers web page.

2. Registration

2.1. The customer registers when placing an order on Pidennykset.net and giving their personal data.

2.2. The customer must be of legal age, natural and plenipotentiary. Also, a company can be a customer, but in this case the customer does not have the same consumer rights, e.g., regarding exchange referring to object 6 here. The same scenario arises, when a product purchased is used for business activity. The customer is responsible for providing correct information and for the use and save of login and password.

2.3. The service provider acclaims the right to withhold registering and the right to close a customer’s login.

3. Personal data and the use of it

3.1. Information of the customer is collected and saved in the service provider’s customer register (Hiusextra Heinilä Verkkokauppa Oy customer register). The use of personal data is covered in the data protection clause.

3.2. The customer has the right to inspect or change them. If the customer is signed up on the mailing list, they have the right to unsubscribe from the list. The service contains information on how to do so.

4. Placing an order and shipping

4.1. Orders are shipped only in Finland. If the shipping area is changed, the information will be provided.

4.2. For every product the price, shipping options and fees are displayed on the product page. In the same place possible quantity limitations are displayed.

4.3. The customer can place an order by registering or without. An order placed is binding.

4.4. Ordered and products in the storage are shipped within 1-2 working days. The service provider will inform of estimated delivery times for other products.

4.5. If there are challenges in delivery, the service provider’s customer service will contact the customer.

5. Payment methods

5.1. The customer can pay the product when placing the order through an online bank service or by credit card. The various payment methods are informed in the service.

6. Withdrawing an order and return rights

6.1. The customer cannot withdraw an already placed order if the product has been shipped from the storage. If the order is not picked-up it will be handled as a withdrawn order. The order can also be withdrawn by sending an email to our customer service verkkokauppa@hiusextra.fi. If the customer wants to withdraw the order after receiving it the customer must proceed as mentioned in object 6.2.

6.2. Delivered orders have a 14-day return policy from the day they have been picked-up. The product can also be exchanged for another product, but this must be discussed with the customer service. The consumer must keep the product in original shape until they have decided to keep the time. The product must be sent back in a shape where it can be resold. Please, keep the package the product has been sent in or pack it in the material provided. If these criteria are not fulfilled the service provider can demand impairment up until the full cost of the product together with a refund fee. The product is not used if it does not have clear signs of use and/or dirt. The refund must contain the original package together with all pieces, documents and packing material. Products made to fit the customer’s preferences do NOT fall under the refund or exchange policy. Examples of these products are custom-made wigs and extensions, which hair, length, color etc. have been to fit the customer’s preferences. The product can be returned via mail as a customer-return. A message must be sent to the service provider within these 14-days and the product must be returned within 14-days from the day of notification.

6.3. The day of purchase is the day the package has been reclaimed or the date on the receipt. It is on the customer’s responsibility to prove the day of reclamation.

6.4. The customer provider will pay for the refunded product’s delivery fees if it is possible to send the product as a postal package or envelope and it has been sent from Finland. Special deliveries will not be refunded. The service provider acclaims the right to charge refunds made with special deliveries 40€/product.

6.5. The service provider will refund as soon as possible, but within 14 days of returning.

6.6. Campaign benefits or gift cards are not possible to change to money. When, for example, a product purchased with a discounted price and refunded the monetary sum corresponding to the discount will be withdrawn when the money is refunded. If the customer withdraws or returns a product made with a gift card the service provider will give a gift card corresponding to the sum of the returned product.

7. Guarantee

7.1. Possible guarantees will be announced on the service provider’s pages. The customer receives a dispatch note with the order, which is also the guarantee certificate.

7.2. Exchange or fixes made on the basis of the product’s guarantee does not extended the original guarantee time.

7.3. The service provider can release themselves from guarantee responsibilities if it can be proven that the product has been damaged due to the customer.

7.4. The customer must notify of possible mistakes in a reasonable time from the time when damage or mistakes in the product has been discovered.

8. Other terms

8.1. The service provider is not responsible of delivery delays due to force majeure.

8.2. During possible disputes between the customer and service provider we adapt the Finnish law.

8.3 The service provider has under consumer-protection law defect liability of the products. If mistakes are discovered the customer must always first contact Hiusextra Heinilä Verkkokauppa Oy’s customer service by sending an email or through the feedback form. Consumer-costumers have the possibility to accompany Consumer Disputes Board when dispute arises between the customer and service provider.