Care instructions for hair extensions

Human hair might change color after the first washes.
A straight hair extension is not straight as a pike.
All hair extensions should be washed and treated carefully with conditioner before attachment to discover possible production mistakes.


Pidennysten hoitotuotteet

N.B.! If the extension is attached with tape or glue it is not recommended that the base is in contact with conditioner.

Nextension: The tape-hair lace should be washed with Nextension-products (or with Solvent) before attaching the tape to secure the persistence.

When coloring the lace:

  • Remove the tape-extension during coloring process as the chemicals damage the extension.

Machine-made hairbands will lose some hair naturally. This can be reduced with the use of Stixon-glue on the hairband before sewing it on. If the hairband is used with seal-extensions the hairband should be washed with deep-washing shampoo. This improves the persistence.

About 2-4% of those looking for extensions are not satisfied without a clear reason.

Avoid coloring the extension.
Avoid making a perm with the extensions.
If either of these is necessary, make a test run.

Coloring and making a perm are always on your own/the hairdresser’s responsibility.

 Washing human hair these things should be taken into consideration:

  • Protect the hair before shampooing with conditioner.
  • Spread the shampoo only on the scalp, not in the extensions. Do not rub! When rinsing the shampoo-water cleanses the extensions enough.
  • If you are using sculpting products or extension-oil, wash the extensions with shampoo.
  • Spread the conditioner onto towel-dry hair. Use abundantly of the conditioners, but only in the hair. The extensions dry easily, as it does not get nutrients from the scalp. Comb the hair through when the conditioner is applied. Do not rinse off the conditioner but let it sit in the hair.
  • Let the hair dry completely before treatment. When the extension is wet it can easily break. Tape-extensions should dry in the way they grow.

When using human hair you should take into consideration the following aspects:

  • Braid the hair for the night, to avoid knots.
  • The extension should be protected during swim. It cannot handle chlorine or saltwater.
  • Comb the hair often and remember the neck-hair!
  • When combing the extension hair, use products meant for the extensions.

Tip! Straightening the extensions with SHE treatment oil or heat-protective oil increases shininess and smoothness.

To secure the normal use of hair extensions we REQUIRE the use of SHE extension products which are especially made for extension hair. We underline the importance of using caring and moisturizing products already from the start.

 Pay attention to, that the products should not contain certain amino acids (proteins) or enzymes, in addition to certain serums, intensive care products and hair perfector meant for growing hair should not be used on human hair wigs/extensions. Please, always check the suitability of the treatment product.

 All other SHE-extension treatment products used is on the customer’s own responsibility and the product warranty is not in force, if the product has been treated with other than the mentioned products.

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