About Us

We are a truly customer-friendly family-owned business who supplies hair extensions, wigs, hairpieces, Christine Headwear -headwear in addition to treatment products and additional supplements. You will find everything related to the mentioned products from us and thus we leave scissors, hair pins, combs and hairdryers to other professionals in the business. We want to fully focus on our expertise and provide you with the best products. We serve you at our store in Helsinki and Turku and around Finland at our web shop.

Short history

My parents Matti and Raila Heinilä founded Hiusextra Heinilä over 30 years ago and our business has primarily focused on wholesale trade. In Finland the people working in the hair industry are truly on the top and we are honored to be collaborating with them daily. This means we proudly stand with our retailers, which you can find at least in every large city and in many smaller ones as well. Yet, Finland is a large country and distances long, which is the reason we wanted to improve our network and founded the web shop in 2013.

Our Products

We cherish quality and naturalness in our products and choose our products and models with experience and high standards. Actually, every product is test-run by us to guarantee that it works with you. Weekly and intense contact with the product suppliers makes it possible for us to send you information on release products and other important additional information.

Customer Service

Not only high-quality products are important to us but also good customer service, which is highly important to us. I dare to say that whoever answers the phone, greets you at the store or answers to your email is doing their best at helping you. We are over 10 friendly experts in our business – some of us hair-dresses, who will help you with wig-fitting or hair extensions. Others handle customer service, our inventory, orders, deliveries, the chat, social media, our web shop and some make really good coffee.

Fast Deliveries

We aim to ship your order as quickly as possible, often even during the same day. Principally our delivery times are 1-2 working days and in a best-case scenario you will get your order during the same day. We use Posti and Matkahuolto for our deliveries and you are able to choose between them.  Despite the fact that Posti does not always work in promised way we can still happily say that in 95% of cases the order is delivered in time. In case of urgency, you can call us by phone or leave a message when making the order.

Briefly About Me Behind the Business

I started working at Hiusextra about 15 years ago, so the products and people are familiar. Well, actually I started working as a five-year-old, this is still a family-owned business J. You will find me from our store in Helsinki where I do many-sided working days with my 14-year-old poodle.

You are warmly welcome to come and visit!

Mikko Heinilä