Blog and Instagram Collaborations

Do you write a lifestyle blog about beauty- and hair-related topics? Or do you have an active Instagram-page? Would you want to collaborate?

Would you want to try out some of our products and share your experience with others? We can send you some products for you to test them out and share your experience together with some tips and tricks

We are happy to make collaborations with bloggers and influencers, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Send us your request or offer to

 blogi, snapchat, Facebook ja instagram yhteistyö

Add at least the following information to your message:

  1. Which product or group of products would you be interested in? Clip-extensions, tape-extensions, hair extensions, wigs or treatment products?
  2. Do you write a blog or are you active on social media? Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat
  3. Share your contact information, your thoughts and we will figure something out
  4. Tell us about yourself and why we should collaborate with you. Just a short summary is good, we are not expecting a resume!
  5. Also, tell us what you are expecting from us – are you ready to get a product for a post or do you want monetary compensation as well. The clearer you are the faster we can get things rolling. If you have collaborated with other businesses before, please share these experiences with us as well!

We frequently get questions about collaborations and we go through every application carefully. This means that you should not hesitate to contact us, even with a small number of followers we can put together a fun collaboration!

We thank you for wanting to collaborate with us and are waiting eagerly for your message! :)