Care instructions for human-hair wigs

Care-instructions: Washing human-hair wigs and extensions

Comb possible leftovers from gel from the wig/extension and wash the base from tape glue with Arcos Cleaner tape-remover substance. Attach the wig to a nursing head or wash it on your own head. You can wash smaller extensions in the sink.

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  1. Water the wig/extension with warm water. Spread Arcos Special – shampoo evenly with your palm in the direction of the nod. The nods might loosen when being used, and it is completely normal. By washing the wig/extension in this way the nods tighten up again. This instruction applies especially for wigs.
  1. Wash with warm water.
  1. Gently press excess water off with a towel. Spread plentiful of Arcos Special – conditioner and comb carefully through. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Wash gently, meaning that you can leave some of it in the hair. Though your wig/extension is human hair, it is not growing hair and gets all its nutrients from the conditioner.
  1. Dry the wig/extension by pressing it with a towel. Do not rub. Let it dry hanging freely from, for example, a wig-rack. Do not use too large of a one, since the base might stretch in that case.

To avoid dryness between washes it is recommended to use Arcos Conditioner – treatment spray, which makes the hair easy to comb and protects the hair from dirt. We recommend SHE organ-treatment oil for the tops as it smooths out the hair and protects it from hear.

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N.B.: Treatment products for human hair wigs should not contain certain amino acids (proteins) or enzymes, in addition to certain serums, intensive care products and hair perfector meant for growing hair should not be used on human hair wigs/extensions. Please, always check the suitability of the treatment product. 

Coloring the wigs and extensions is always on the responsibility of the customer or hairdresser. We do not recommend bleaching or coloring of human hair products. If you do feel like you need toning, please contact our customer service!

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